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Meet The Producer

Patrick Mikyles has been in the entertainment industry for over 17 years and is no stranger to hard work and dedication to the art form of Drag Entertainment. Having a plethora of new, innovative, and groundbreaking drag shows under his belt, he knows exactly what it takes to not only put on a show but also knows exactly what it takes to keep the audience entertained and ready for more.

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The Story of Drag With ME!

Drag with ME! The Show is not only a brand but also a family of drag shows, all of which are shows that have never been seen before. We wanted to have our show breathe new meaning into "bringing a show to life," in turn leading to the interactive elements of our shows. Drag with ME! is the ONLY interactive drag show of its kind, as the audience not only watches but becomes the show and colors the stage. 

Originally started in 2021 by Patrick Mikyles well into the pandemic, the creative juices were itching to be released as venues began opening their doors again and allowing for entertainers to thrive once again. With its inaugural show hitting the stage in Red Goose Saloon, it quickly gained traction from Drag and brunch enthusiasts looking to avoid the trek to Downtown Dallas and became a weekly staple event to many. Through its endeavors of various management and venues, it has ultimately returned to the intimate, speakeasy-esque home of Red Goose and looks forward to creating everlasting memories for all fans alike.

Patrick Mikyles invites you to experience one of his shows and bring your friends along for the ride! You never know what antics they might be in store for~

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